An update now to a story that captured the hearts of many of you almost two months ago. Now 9-month-old Peter Ganucheau is back in Mobile after a successful liver transplant in Atlanta.
The Ganucheau family was separated for months while baby Peter was in the hospital.
It’s not often you hear of a 7-month old getting a whole new organ. Peter recovered in the hospital for a month afterward. Now that he’s home, his family is calling this transplant a miracle.
Like most babies, Peter loves playing and he’s very curious, especially with our camera. With big blue eyes and a smile that melts you heart, it’s hard to believe that this happy baby spent most of his life in a hospital. That’s because peter had Biliary Atresia – a rare disease that affects 1 in every 18,000 babies. The disease essentially prevents bile from leaving the liver, which slowly destroys the cells. This caused severe pain in Peter’s stomach, and turned his skin and eyes yellow.
“That was really hard watching him,” said mother, Bridgette Ganucheau. “As a mom, you don’t want to see your kids suffer. If you could go through it for them, absolutely I would. I want to take that pain on for him.”
Bridgette spent months with her son at a hospital in Atlanta while he was on a liver transplant waiting list. This split up the family – the amount of time and the outcome were unknown.
“It was hard because we didn’t know when he was going to be transplanted,” said Bridgette. “They [Peter’s three older brothers] just kept asking when we were coming home and we couldn’t give them a day.”
After a few months of waiting, Peter got the liver he needed After a successful surgery/recovery, the family was finally reunited.
Peter’s father, Adam, took a heartwarming cell phone video of the boys realizing their mother and brother were home as they came home from school.
Adam is the director of youth ministry for the Archdiocese of Mobile. He says the family couldn’t have gotten through it without the love and support of their community, and their faith.
“Unfortunately, you do hear of cases where people were just waiting on a list and didn’t get it in time,” said Adam. “So we are definitely blessed that we were able to have the right liver for us. We really believe that God had his hand in all of this, and it was all his will, and that it was the right time. It was the right liver for him.”
“It’s been amazing for our family to receive all that support,” said Bridgette. “I know if Peter could say ‘thank you’, he would too.”
Peter still has a few trips to the hospital left just to make sure his body is adjusting to the new liver right.
There will be a fundraiser that goes directly to Peter’s medical expenses on Sunday, April 23. The event will take place at Rock N’ Bowl in New Orleans from 1 p.m. until 4 p.m.
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