Does Mobile’s Cool New Recycling Plan Also Include Mayor’s Race?

(JD Crowe/

Mobile is trying out a cool new recycling program that takes the work out of separating recyclables into different bins. Throw everything into one bin and let someone else worry with the details.

Mobile’s new single-stream recycling program, already up and running at two sites, has finally gotten City Council approval, potentially opening the way for residents in every district to have their own drop-off center.

There’s also a mayor’s race going on in Mobile. It pits the current mayor, Sandy Stimpson, against the former mayor, Sam Jones. It’s a rematch of a loud 2013 election.

Sam Jones, who served as mayor from 2005 to 2013, announced his run for mayor during a Saturday afternoon event at the Greater Nazaree Baptist Church in Mobile. Jones was Mobile’s first black mayor.

But this recycled 2017 election, so far, has been quiet. A little too quiet. Know what I mean?

Mobile has four candidates for mayor, and seven challengers for five of its city council seats.

I’m not sure what any of this means, but please recycle. And vote. The Mobile mayoral election is August 22.

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