Discover the Best Flea Markets Near Mobile Alabama

If you’re traveling to Mobile Alabama then you may be interested in the best flea markets near the city. This area takes flea markets very serious and there are a couple of these markets in particular worth visiting. The flea markets near the city have a wide variety of things for sale that includes highly unique items, antiques, toys, clothes, and houseware items among others. Here we will take a look at a couple of the best flea markets near the city of Mobile.

Mobile Flea Market

This Marketplace is the largest flea market on the entire Gulf Coast. There are literally vendors here that are from all over the world and the products they sell are as well. There are so many things that can be found in this flea market that it’s simply a matter of going and seeing for yourself. This flea market is so large that it can literally make for a full day of enjoyment just walking around and looking at all the things and enjoying food and drink while you’re there. Those that love flea markets will love this one.

Foley Indoor Flea Market

Just a little over 30 minutes away from Mobile Alabama on I-10 is the Foley Indoor Flea Market. Here you’ll find vendors that are inside and out and if it’s a hot day or the weather is bad, it’s the perfect place because of the very large indoor facilities. This flea market covers 15 acres and has a huge selection of just under 200 vendors and a wide range of products to choose from. While you are there you can relax and grab a bite to eat or sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and then when you’re rested you can start the adventure again.